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Bone Gardener - Print Sets

Bone Gardener - Print Sets

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"In really old and healthy forests, where the trees are ancient, and the spirits love to watch the animals frolic and play, they grow sad when the forest grows still. So, the formless spirits tend to the bones and make them dance again, as a gardener would look after their flowers. These are the Bone Gardeners."

These art prints capture this magical story, bringing the mystical Bone Gardeners to life. Each print is crafted on premium paper with vibrant colors and crisp details. 

Note! Crisis Deer only comes in 3x3 and 5x5s. If you want the full set of all prints in an 8x8 it will include the Crisis Deer in a 5x5. 


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*If you are outside the USA, please reach out to me on Instagram DM's. International mailing options are available for all prints and stickers.  

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